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New Delhi: Yoga has the unique ability to improve the immune system of the body. In Delhi, the number of COVID-19 patients is on the rise and in such a scenario, the Arvind Kejriwal government intends to make online yoga lessons available to coronavirus positive patients who are experiencing minor symptoms. 

Online yoga combined with medical treatment will assist patients in boosting their immunity.

Yoga to be taught by Delhi’s finest yoga instructors

The Arvind Kejriwal government will send an SMS containing a link to register for a yoga class to the COVID-19 positive patient. The links to the classes will be shared with them regularly after that. 

Each class will feature about 25-35 participants who will be taught yoga by some of Delhi’s finest yoga instructors. People can choose their slot during registration and will be assigned lessons based on their needs and convenience.

Yogashala of Delhi conducting yoga at 65 places in the pilot phase

The Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University or DPSRU has created a collection of yoga asanas to boost the immune system in these times. These exercises will provide relief to COVID-19 patients and aid in their quick recovery. 

These yoga lessons are for those recovering from moderate symptoms in home isolation. 

Currently, 61 yoga teachers trained by Delhi’s Yogashala are leading yoga sessions in 65 different locations across the city. 

In every locality, in every park, all over Delhi, yoga teachers of the Delhi government will make people do yoga. 

The number of persons practising yoga at the centres is also growing by the day.

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